Visual Arts Kincardine” was situated in 2 previous locations in Kincardine before Mayor Larry Kramer offered the town council chambers for its present location. Beverly Meidow was the first president of the Gallery and she, along with founding members, looked to other galleries in the area when deciding upon the look for, and the unique operating model, for the gallery. The new gallery was named the “Victoria Park Gallery” and it offically opened its doors August 2001.


Mission Statement

The Corporation’s mission is:

a) To educate and promote the public’s appreciation of the visual arts by providing for exhibitions of works of art and educational forums in the visual arts;

b) To promote the study and the practice of the visual arts;

c) To promote lectures, classes and seminars in the visual arts; and

d) To encourage and support artists by operating a non-profit gallery for artists to be able to exhibit and sell their works.