Jana Mika

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 Jana Mika
 Biography for Jana:

I work with clay. With high-fired stoneware and also earthenware, producing both functional and sculptural pieces.

In my one-of-a-kind pieces I want to reflect my love for surrounding nature, my garden and the nearby lake. While creating a piece, I work my feelings into the clay, just like a painter on canvas with the brush. Hoping the original idea will come out just the way I wanted. There is a long waiting period from the sketch on the paper until the piece is finished. Soft clay, drying period, bisque firing at lower temperature, glazing, second firing done in high-fired glazes. I love the transformation of soft clay into everlasting rock.

In 1972 I joined the Deep River Pottery Guild after moving from Calgary. I learned from other members of the Guild and visiting master potters. I also attended courses organized by the Fusion Ontario Clay and Glass Association. I still retain my membership and go to conferences and workshops. In Kincardine I was one of the founding members for “Visual Arts Kincardine”, which became, after 10 years, the “Victoria Park Gallery”.

I have volunteered in public schools, working with the kids and clay and have conducted some pottery classes with adults in the evenings and on weekends.

I first picked up clay at college in modelling classes as a part of the curriculum for becoming a dental technician. Skills obtained working with plaster, wax, porcelain, and gold was essential 10 years later, after emigrating to Canada, where I started my second career as a potter.

I have exhibited annually at Juried Exhibitions in the Tom Thomson Art Gallery in Owen Sound and have been part of the “Fusion Exhibition” in Toronto, “Fireworks” in Ottawa, and the “Traveling Exhibition of Fireworks” in Hamilton.