Joanne Dallman

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Joanne Dallman

Biography for Joanne: 

I remember the first time I understood what art can be! I was in an art gallery in Ottawa, comtemplating Lauren Harris’ “North Shore, Lake Superior.” It’s an image of what appears to be a lightening-struck tree stump against a dramatic sky. The light streaming down from the heavens illuminates the tree strump like an actor on a stage. My thought was, “How Beautiful!”

I realized that art can be a vehicle for personal expression by an artist and I no longer saw paintings as just pretty pictures, but rather creations revealing the inner life of the artist. So now, painting in my studio is like going on an adventure. I focus on creating images that are both aesthetically pleasing and intellectually intriguing. Dream imagery, a focus on intuitive thinking, and explorations in regard to philosopical ideas are par for the course.

I used to work in oil paint, but over time I eventually switched to watercolour. The colours can be just as vibrant with watercolour, as with oil paint, and the quick drying time allows me to build up areas of the image without waiting very long for the paint to dry. I show my work locally (Goderich to Southampton) and I am a co-op member of two galleries – Kincardine and Goderich. I have a degree from the University of Western Ontario with a concentration in Fine Arts. Recently, I won first prize for one of my watercolours in a juried art show in Walkerton, Ontario.

I hope you enjoy the work presented.

Thank you,

Joanne Dallman.