Lise Pomeroy

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 Lise Pomeroy
 Biography for Lise:

I work with seed beads, beach stones, wood, glass, and wire for my jewellery. I also dabble in acrylic painting.

I have been handcrafting jewellery since 2010. My work has evolved to “wearable art” with my freeform bracelet cuffs and necklaces. Off-loom bead weaving has become a passion for me! The opportunity to work with exciting colours and textures and create “one of kind” pieces for my customers, while enjoying every minute of it, has been a gift! When I start a new freeform piece, I have trouble putting it down. I can stay up all night working on it; it’s like a book you can’t put down – you want to see how it turns out.

I have bought beading material from around the world, and I always make a point to find a local beadshop when I am travelling. I also like work with local beach materials gathered from the shores of Lake Huron to create some of my unique pieces and to incorporate them into my freeform pieces.

Sometimes, for a change of pace, I get out my acrylic paints and explore colour in a different dimension.

I had my first bead loom when I was 10 years old! I didn’t know I would want it nearly 50 years later.

I studied illustration and design at Dawson College in Montreal and worked as a technical illustrator early in my work career. I have attended beading and jewellery construction workshops, and attended a Bead Retreat in Maine in April 2016. I was asked to participate in a beading challenge for Beadwork Magazine in 2016.

My work has been sold in local shops, online, and is currently being shown in a St. Jacobs boutique.