Malcolm MacDonald

Malcolm MacDonald Photo  Malcolm MacDonald (cropped) 2017-05-04 12.34.59
 Malcolm MacDonald
 Biography for Malcolm “Mac”

Raised in rural Bruce County (Ontario, Canada), Malcolm’s oils reflect his life-long love and respect for Nature, Beauty, Peace and Tranquility that soothes the Soul.

Malcolm studied oil painting first in Kitchener, Ontario, then with Cathy Anderson and the renowned Robert Reynolds in San Luis Obispo, California.

Malcolm’s gardening, music and paintings are artistic expressions of his conviction that the creative arts are “soul work” which anchors a searching humanity.

Malcolm retired to Kincardine with his late lovely wife, Annette (who was also a highly active Victoria Park Gallery member).   Their son, Jeffrey, and his wife, Marcela, reside between Kincardine and California.

PAUSE a moment, be SILENT, and lose yourself in SPIRIT as you gaze on these paintings. Your INSPIRATION is Malcolm’s artistic delight!