Marg Gregg

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 Marg Gregg
 Biography for Marg:

I create with acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Lately I have been studying Zen Tangle patterns that I incorporate into my artwork. I am having so much fun.

I had the privilege of teaching art to public school students and running an art club for interested students. Young children are so creative. Working with them satisfied my creativity during my teaching career.

When I retired in 2000, I started my art career in earnest. I studied water colour art books, took water colour classes and workshops from established artists who encouraged me to continue gaining skills and proficiency.

I enjoyed creating cartoons to celebrate successful concerts as a longtime member of Kincardine Community Singers.

Art is a talent I inherited from my mother who created amazing banners to lead her classes in local fall fair parades. She often earned first prize.

I was a guest artist twice at the Goderich Cooperative Art Gallery.

Art has always been part of my life. It is such a privilege to share membership with the generous, creative, talented artists who make up our unique Victoria Park Gallery in Kincardine.