Pat Guay

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 Pat Guay
 Biography for Pat:

I work primarily in watercolour as I love its soft translucence. However, I have also worked with acrylic, charcoal and pastel. I have a strong love of nature and am drawn to the outdoors in all four seasons. I also love to travel. My work reflects aspects of nature and my travel experiences. I love painting landscapes, flowers, interesting buildings or structures such as old gates, windows with window boxes, gardens etc.

Commissions have included painting adults and children, pets and watercolour renditions from meaningful photos.

While living in the Chatham area, I studied with various artists including Tammy McKay, Jack Reid and Joe Fetingis. I was a member of Leisuretime Painters, a group of artists who met and painted each Monday afternoon at the Chatham Cultural Centre. More recently, I studied with Tony Couch in Georgia and Julian Hyzler (Artists in Italy) in Tuscany Italy.

Trips to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), the Hamilton Art Gallery or the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo for specific exhibits of the masters (Monet, Alex Colville, Emily Carr, the Group of Seven etc.) have been inspirational to me as a developing artist.

I am honoured to have my work displayed at Victoria Park Gallery in Kincardine and enjoy volunteering at the Gallery and interacting with other artists and those who appreciate the arts.