Workshop on Oct 20, 2018 — Stand Alone or Flowing Backdrops with Acrylic Pours.

flowing backdrops (resized)

Date: Oct 20, 2018. 10am – 12 noon at the Victoria Park Gallery (Scouggall Gallery)

Type: Stand Alone or Flowing Backdrops with Acrylic Pours.

Goal: How to prepare colourful acrylic paints for pouring on stretched canvas, boards, tile etc. To create vibrant flows of colour.

Group Size: Maximum 10. Minimum 6.

Group Experience Level: Beginner to intermediate level.

Class Length: 2 hrs

Cost: $60.00

Student Provides:

  1. 2 stretched small canvases (one approx 8×10 and one smaller).
  2. 2-3 of your favourite acrylic paint colours plus black or white. In warm or cool tones. Avoid colours opposite on the colour wheel or it will make mud. We do have a selection of old paints but recommend you buy your own. Dollar store acrylic paints are good for this project.
  3. Cover for your clothing (ie messy).

Presenters will Provide:

  1. Latex gloves.
  2. Silicon spray.
  3. Paint extender.
  4. Dollar store oven tray to work on ie to catch the drips.
  5. Small plastic cups 1 for each colour of paint and 1 larger cup to hold the pour.

Pat Guay and Donna Taylor our primary background is in watercolour but have
enjoyed the vibrancy and always surprising end product of poured acrylic and alcohol inks.

Contact Information: Donna 519-396-7486. Pat 519-396-8971.

Registration Form: Provided at the gallery or can be downloaded from the website.

Deadline for Registering: 48 hours before the workshop date.

vpg workshop registration form

Workshop Oct 27, 2018 — Learn about Gourds and Acrylics.

Workshop at the Victoria Park Gallery October 27, 2018.


Goal: Learn about gourds and acrylics in a fun relaxed atmosphere. The project can be used as a container or artful centre piece.

Date: Saturday October 27,10am to 2pm at the Centre for the Arts Scougall Gallery (next door to the Victoria Park Gallery).

Class length: 4 hours

Cost: $75.00

Presenter will provide all supplies

Students bring Lunch, enthusiasm and wear old clothes.

Presenter: Mary Faubert is a multi medium artist in the gallery and has taught art for 30 years.

Contact information: 519-200-5460

Registration Form Provided at the gallery or can be downloaded from the website. A deposit of $20.00 is required and the balance is due on the day of the workshop.

Deadline for registering. One week before the workshop.

vpg workshop registration form

“Then and Now” Show (July & August 2018)

This show was conceived about 18 months ago. With the Old Boys/Old Girls Reunion coming up, we decided to create a show which would look down memory lane. Using old photographs (100+ years) from the Scougall Collection, we enlisted photographers and painters to capture these images in the present day. We have titled this show “Then and Now”. Come in and check out the amazing changes our town has undergone over the years!

then and now copy