Ron Burrows


PictureI was born and raised in Kincardine Ontario and I started sketching and painting at a very early age. During my teenage years I had many requests from people to purchase my art work.

I am a self-taught artist, aside from a few workshop-type lessons in Florida, along with some private lessons from a very talented 87 year old lady. This older lady, in her early years, worked as an artist with Norman Rockwell.

Upon getting married to my wife Barbara and moving to Oakville, Ontario, I enrolled in a sign writing, advertising and commercial art school, which was very compatible with my artistic talents. I became highly skilled at this trade which led to me opening up my own sign shop in Oakville. Along with running a business and having 4 sons in sports programs my wife and I were just too busy for me to find any time to paint pictures.

Upon retirement from our family business in Kincardine, I had many hobbies such as golf and woodworking, but art was not one of them until just a few years ago. While holidaying in Florida I went to an art workshop for some lessons in oil painting and was really inspired to get back to painting again after almost 50 years. My time spent with the lady mentioned earlier convinced me it is never too late in life to pursue new adventures.

After attempting various subjects I have settled on landscapes and buildings, oil on canvas, along with a some acrylic on canvas . Most recently, I have been doing various Kincardine area beach scenes, trails and the harbour.