Sylvia Melinz

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 Sylvia Melinz
 Biography for Sylvia:

I work with acrylic paint on canvas. Also, recycled and found object sculptural pieces.

I create large paintings that are inspired by the beauty around us. The colour and delicate nature of flowers. The ever changing colours and shapes found in the lake.

Non-objective paintings, created using shapes and colours, are inspiring me at the moment. My sculptures are made of objects I have collected and use to express an idea –anything from dishes to driftwood.

I obtained a BFA and a BEd from the University of Windsor. And have taught art at high school and at the college level. I have provided workshops and evening courses as well.

I am a founding member of Studio 69 in Napanee. And a founding member of the Victoria Park Gallery in Kincardine. I have been represented by Artisans Alley in London for more than 25 years.

The creative process is the most difficult yet most rewarding activity in life!