Wilma Michel

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 Wilma Michel
 Biography for Wilma:

I work with photography on canvas and other fine art papers. Wildlife Photography is my passion.

My cameras, and a variety of lenses, both long and macro, travel beside me everywhere I drive. Several hundred shots are taken every week. Each encounter is considered a gift, since I have no control over what will be seen on any given day, what activity each creature will be involved in, what the background will be, or how long it will remain. My photographs are true to nature. Photoshop is not used to add backgrounds or other creatures to the pictures. None of the animals, birds, or insects are manipulated or harmed in any way. Landscape, and special interest photography are included as they come and add some variety. I love texture, so photographs are printed on canvas and other fine art papers.

I have dabbled in photography since I was old enough to have a camera. We sold our farms in 2014, as result, I now am able to devote several hours a day to my passion. I read books and magazines about photography and watch webinars and videos to help me improve both technically and artistically. Belonging to a Camera Club has provided me with the expertise and assistance of professional, and long time photographers.

I have entered photography contests, and have won a “People’s Choice” and have also been a “Finalist” in two other contests. I have been asked to speak about wildlife and photography on several occasions, and have displayed photographs at a library. Scrapbooking photographs is also a passion of mine and I design pages for a Scrapbook Shop.