Workshop June 9, 2018 — Pastel Painting

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Date: June 9, 2018. 10am – 2pm.

Type: Pastel Painting.

Location: Victoria Park Gallery, Kincardine (Scougall Gallery).

Group Size: Maximum 8, Minimum 2.

Group Experience Level: All levels.

Class Length: 4 Hours. Students should bring a lunch.

Cost: $60.00

Student Provides:

  1. If you would prefer to use your own paper and pastels, that is fine; however, the presenter will supply all materials for the students.

Presenter will Provide:

  1. Two types of paper.
  2. Supply of pastels for the students.

Presenter: Mary Goudy-Black.

I have worked with most of the art media available, but the last five years I have been working mostly in Pastel.  It is a wonderful media to work with.  You can blend it so that it looks totally life-like or use it for amazing abstracts.  I have used it for portraits of both people and animals, and it works out amazingly well.  There are different types of paper you can use and there are different types of pastels available.  I will bring some of each kind with me.  I prefer the dry pastels myself but have used the other types as well.  This will be a fun class that will introduce you to different ways to handle this media, or to give you ideas to use with what you are now using.  This media can be combined with both watercolors, acrylics, charcoal, pencil or any other media that doesn’t have an oil base.  If you have questions about other types of media I can likely answer them for you.  I look forward to seeing you for this call.

Contact Information: Ph: 519-396-9569.

Registration Form: Provided at the gallery or can be downloaded from the website.

Deadline for Registering: 48 hrs before the workshop date.

vpg workshop registration form